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Lake Out

Scott took Friday off so we could head down to the lake early!  Our family needed a Lake Out! Scott, Holly and I spent a bunch of time playing cards. Holly taught Scott and I how to play Solitaire (pyramid style). She learned to play the game from Papa on Thursday. After about 100 games I finally won. I think it took Holly about the same. Scott and I started a hand and foot tournament. He won a set and so did I! Let best of three continue! Huge thunderstorms rolled through around 5 but cleared up about an hour later. Holly and Noah raced outside to play in the "river"(puddles) under a beautiful rainbow. We decided to hit the lake for the evening. We spent Saturday and Sunday on the lake! Helping?!?! E is always ballin'

Guardian Angels

I just read my husbands cousin facebook post: Amy L Hughes ‎2 more days. Is it crazy that I now want her to arrive on Saturday so she has the same bday as her Great Grandma Beseman?? My response, NO, you are not crazy. All three of my children were born on the same day as special people in our lives. Some were able to meet and some were not. I like to think of these people as my children's guardian angels. What a special gift! Holly born December 29, the same day as my Grandma's Sister, my Auntie Bernie Bernie(left), my Grandma is on the right Noah born March 27, the same day as Scott's Grandma Kathryn. Grandma Kathryn with Grandpa Val and their three sons Ethan Lee born September 17, the same day as my Grandpa Lee. For the record my Grandpa celebrates his Birthday on September 18 (although born on September 17) because his mother paid the doctor to say the 18thto make the neighbor girl happy in sharing the same date.

Papa’s Park

On Thursday we visited Grandma Kitty and Papa Lee. My Grandma is very ill so I try to get the kids over to she her as often as possible. Although, Grandma sleeps a lot it is still fun to hang out and be with my Papa. We gave Papa  a break from our craziness and headed over to "Papa's Park". I think this park IS all three of my kids favorite park. This time Papa wasn't able to join us, as he usually does, but we had fun none the less. Here are pictures from over the years! [gallery]

Wedding Cake

A fish for Holly