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Mpls Boat Show

Today we met my Dad at the Minneapolis Boat Show! What a blast (for the boys!) The boys boarded boats, ran on docks and jumped on the seats of expensive yachts. We did take a few minutes to color fish pictures and do some puzzles. Noah enjoyed the racing boats the best. He was also fascinated with wake boarders, just realizing that people "really" do the sport, it's not just on the wii.

Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculpture Day is here! Noah has been anxiously awaiting. Yesterday Noah and I created our ice blocks. We found fun containers, filled them with water and color (Kool-Aid or Food Coloring) and froze them outside. Look at what was created! There are still 80 more preschoolers bringing in blocks. We are planning to go back on Saturday to see the final creation!

Paint and Forts

This morning, I filled water bottles with colored water so the kids could spray paint the snow. Turns out they would much rather build a fort inside the playset. Ethan was smart and stayed inside with me! We made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies! What a yummy way to warm up!

And again….

If they could they would

My house is exploding with new toys, books and games. But, if the boys could play with a DSI (XL) all day they would.

Tunnels and Traffic Court

Today Ethan opened his final Christmas gift. It happened to be the one that I was most excited for, blocks. Both boys had fun making tunnels and towers. 

29 Things About Me

29 things about me, for 29 years. Happy Birthday to Me! 1. My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's. (I also read the book which I would not recommend) My daughter is named after Holly Golightly. 2. Holly and I love Eloise books. She was Eloise for Halloween this year (Noah was Weenie and Ethan was Skipperdee). I promised Holly I would take her to NYC when she was six, just like Eloise. We never made it. 3. I met my husband Scott on a trip to Las Vegas. I really didn't want to go. I made many excuses to try to get out of it but still ended up going. I guess it was worth going! 4. I love to DANCE. It always makes me happy even if it has been a hard day. 5. At three years of marriage, I had been pregnant for 56% of it. 6. I might be the only person to letter as a High School Freshman (Track) and then never letter again. Yes I have a letter jacket! 7. I love tacos! I could eat Mexican everyday. 8. I have visited Arizona all but 3 years of my life. When I go all I do is eat Chips and Salsa from Julio's. I used to bring the salsa back on the plane in my carry on...but I learned the hard way that liquids are no longer allowed. 9. I am the world's worst speller, yet I have a minor in English. For the record I wrote this in word…checked the spelling and then copied it into Notes. 10. I graduated college in 3.5 years. (Not counting NDSU where I am not sure I even earned a credit) 11. Scott and I bought a foreclosed house in August. It was missing all the appliances (and garbage disposal), smelled of cat urine and was painted every color of the rainbow. We spent hours fixing it. We pulled up all the carpet and I removed EVERY staple from the pad. Keep in mind during this whole processes I was 8 months pregnant. We moved in September 1st and Ethan came the 17th. 12. Noah was named Charlie but we changed our mind. Holly called him Charlie for his first week of life. 13. I LOVE being an aunt. My niece Janessa always brightens my day. 14. My favorite person (who has never shared my last name) is my Aunt Cheryl. I called her Yo-Yo. 15. I love Sex and the does Holly. She once threw a HUGE fit (kicking and screaming) because she wanted to rent Season 3. Nothing like a 2 year old screaming "I want Sex in the City" on a Friday night at Blockbuster. 16. I love Netflix Instant 17. I would monogram everything. The best baby gifts! I really want to be able to monogram on my sewing machine. 18. I need an interior designer. My house is a blank canvas and I don't know where to start. 19. I have been married for almost 5 years and Scott and I still need a Honeymoon. 20. I miss my Grandma Kitty. 21. […]

A New Year for photography!

Buying a Canon doesn't make you a photographer.  It makes you a Canon owner.  ~Author Unknown