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Happy 2nd Birthday Janessa!

  TWO things I love about J.J. ~she named one of her animals "Aaa- mie" (in fact, I am just smitten with the way she says my name!) ~when I pull out my camera she instantly says, "cheese"(even if I am just taking a picture of a plant)!   I spent awhile perfecting J.J.'s cake. It has her dog "Yellow" on the top (you can see him to the left of the picture) which is made out of fondant. And Holly made the water dish and dog food!

See you later alligator…….

and (luckily) next year crocodile! Today was Noah's last day of preschool. His class put on a cute program filled with songs and look at those adorable alligator puppets!   We learned that when Noah grows up he wants to play soccer and tee ball.  

House Painting begins…..

We started painting the front of our 2 story stucco house. Eek! It is one of those things that if I want it done, I have to do it myself. Today, I gave the boys a bucket of water and some brushes. I was surprised that "painting" kept them busy for over an hour. Let's hope this is a quick project!

I am flippin’ over flips!

This makes me crazy scared.....what if Noah fell on his head?!?!     He is just having FUN!      

Not a “blogcopy”!

This was my own idea....(no I did not see it on a blog and copy it!) Noah had fun painting the wood frame and I had fun playing with fronts and colors in Pages!  

Tee Baller

Tiny Dancer…..

The last two weekends have been filled with recitals! I love that my girl is such a hard worker! I think she shines!      


Why would I ride a bike, when I could push a mower? Scott would say something like, "why would I push a mower, when I could ride one!"

If you build it, they will come

Noah's Bird House

For one week a year.

For one week a year, I get to look at blossoms! It is my favorite time of the year!