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Ethan’s Mr. Potato Head Party

I had so much fun planning Ethan 3rd Birthday Party! In June, I decided to use a Mr. Potato Head theme. Mr. Potato Head has been one of Ethan's favorite "speech work" toys, so the theme seemed only fitting. Since June, I have been gathering ideas and organizing them on Pinterest. I was so excited when the party day finally arrived! The dessert table was filled with yummy treats. The cake had an inside that matched a potato head wearing his hat and shoes! I recycled my mustache mold and once again made chocolate mustaches out of Ghirardellii chocolate.  The kids love to grab a stick and devour the chocolate in seconds. The Potato Head Cake Pops were the most challenging part of this homemade dessert table. Holly, Noah and I spent a good 5 hours working on these guys. I had trouble getting them to all look the exact same (always my goal). The cookies were a big hit (they tasted awesome)! It was fun for the little kids to "decorate" their cookie by picking eyes, ears and noses. And I have to say that the "little pieces" were a great size of cookie to munch on a little here and a little there. I had wax lips, paper mustaches, hats, glasses and noses for the kids to use to dress up. Some adults even got out some of their inner kid!

Meet Myllie

Grandma and Grandpa Derickson brought home a new puppy! Meet little Myllie.

Ethan Starts Preschool

Today was Ethan's First Day of Preschool. Ethan goes one day a week to a "speech therapy" preschool. We look forward to having him socialize with friends. It was sad to say bye to Miss Mary but we are excited to see what this new experience provides! Good Luck Ethan!

Happy Birthday Papa Lee

Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan!

Getting Ready…..

I am busy planning Ethan's 3rd Birthday. It isn't easy organizing all my pieces!  

A new room


Fast Food Cake

Holly took a Kids Cake Decorating..... Like Mother, like Daughter?

Countdown to 30

When Liz turns 30...I know I am close! Idea and templates from Free Pretty Things For You!: Visit at: *Free♥ Pretty ♥Things ♥For ♥You*: ♥Pretty DIY: Excuse Me... I Need Some Air. Thanks!♥