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Happy Halloween

And the finished Padme……

How do you like it?

Halloween with the Cousins

We had a nice pre-Halloween Party with my brothers family and my parents. It looks like Star Wars has invaded our home!

Noah’s School Halloween

It looks like the kids grew up. Here is last years class.

Creating Padme

I spent a few hours today working on finding "cheap" pieces I could use to make/create Holly's Halloween costume. She wants to be Padme/Queen Amidala. Padma is Anakin's love interest in the Star Wars movies!  I am excited by her choice but starting to get nervous about pulling it off.

Shower Cake

I had so much fun making a tropical flower cake for Angie's shower. Scott cousin Ryan is getting married to Angie in the Bahamas' early next year. A festive shower was in order!  

Photo Shoot {Sneak Peek}


Necco Candy Buttons are one of my favorites! So here is a cookie version. My husband just told me that his mom used to sell candy buttons to the neighbor kids (when she was little). She made them by combining glue and food coloring. Yum!?! What a little trickster. I wonder if any of the kids came back for seconds.

Tractor Cake