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Together we make a Family!

Baby Einstein Cake

"Logic will get you from A to Z: imagination will get you everywhere." Albert Einstein

Double Digits

Merry Christmas

  My friend Kelly does amazing cards and invitations. Check her out here.    

Santa’s Workshop, Noah’s Arc & a Red Mailbox

It turns out that taking 3 kids to Santa's Workshop really isn't that tough. Although, this morning I had my doubts, Noah, Ethan, Janessa and I went to Macy's Downtown. The kids were pumped and I was ready for the cookie at the end! As always my favorite part is the bakery! (Because my beloved (Dayton's) 8th floor stays the same NOW(Macy's), I don't have to take new pictures.) The kids and I did happen to stubble on the true meaning of Christmas right in front of a dancing pig! An older lady needed help using her phone to take a picture. She wanted to be able to show her out of town family some pictures. I helped her (while the kids sat still (true miracle)) and she was SO happy she hugged me twice! About 2 min later she needed help again, so she came and found me. We ended up walking through the rest of the workshop with her and her husband! What lovely people. I was so happy to help her and show the kids that giving is better then getting (pictures for myself)! At the very end I take Noah's special annual photo! LOVE... I have really come to like the tradition of mailing Santa letters at Macy's. Last year, I bought the movie, "Yes, Virginia". When the kids watch it, I think about the "Red Mailbox"! This year Noah was able to write a few "wants" on his list while E and J scribbled. These kids are ready for Santa!